Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ecconomics in one lesson

Bloggersen is back and I am back to the basics - book reviews dabbled in editorial posts.

Here is a book
that you should buy and read. After you finish reading it you should re-read it. This book is that good. I just finished it on audio, and it has enlightened my views on many, many subjects. Simply put, it is the most simple and easily understandable books on basic economics that you could come across. This explains clearly basic principles that will change or shape your views on government's role in our economy. The basic premise of the book is that every intervention from the government exacts an equal if not greater price from other segments of the economy. Most of the time in dealing with these interventions whether it be raising minimum wage, creating subsidized housing, or 'saving jobs', proponents of government intervention fail to see the big picture of the toll afforded by the larger segment of society. This book lays it out, I believe, as clearly as is possible. If you don't want to buy it download it here.